May 07 2017 Hold To God’s Unchanging Hand

May 07 2017 Finishing The Race

May 14 2017 Characteristics of Godly Mothers

May 21 2017 Growing Into The Name

May 28 2017 Pausing To Remember

June 4 2017 Worship In Song

June 11 2017 Worship In Prayer

June 18 2017 God The Father

June 18 2017 Moses And The Nile

June 25 Giving As Worship

June 25 Love Will Bring Us Home

July 2 Preaching As Worship

July 2 He Went Away

July 9 The Goodness Of God

July 9 Citizenship In Heaven

July 16 Seven Walks From Ephesians

July 16 The Divine Design

July 17 The Mirror Of The Cross

July 18 Warnings

July 19 Dead Men Don’t Lie

July 23 “I Know That My Redeemer Lives”

July 23 “The Acceptable Year Of The Lord”

August 6 You Have Abilities

August 6 Things That Are Impossible

August 13 The Wrath of God

August 13 New Life

August 20 Give Me This Mountain!

August 20 Be Strong (Gil Carter)

August 27 How Deep Are Your Roots?

September 3 What Type Of Soil?

September 10 Parable Of The Sheepfold

September 10 Termites In The Temple

September 17 Parable Of The Wedding Feast

September 24 Parable Of Blind Leaders

September 24 Onward Christian Soldier

October 1 Parable Of Chief Seats

October 8 Parable Of Evil Spirits

October 15 Parable of New Cloth

October 22 Parables On Prayer

October 27 Parable of Ten Virgins

November 5 Parable Of The Rich Fool

November 5 How To Get Past Your Past

If I Only Had One More Sermon To Preach (Ken Butterworth)

Is It A Home Or A House (Ken Butterworth)

Did Eve Eat An Apple (Ken Butterworth)

November 19 Parable of Two Debtors

November 19 Three Reasons For Thanksgiving

November 26 Parables of Growth

November 26 Behold The Man

December 3 Parables of Great Treasure

December 3 I Can Do All Things

December 10 Parable of The Unjust Steward

December 10 Take Heed What You Read

December 17 Parable of The Vineyard Workers

December 24 How Wise Were The Wise Men (Wade Phillips)

December 31 Parable Of Wicked Vineyard Workers

January 7 Making Marriage Work: Communication

January 7 Jerry Hogg Mission Report



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